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Design/Development: Kalee Eversole


Primarily female clients ages 18-40.

The problem

Studio 915 had two primary goals. First, they needed the time zone discrepancy fixed in their online booking system because it was originally set up using a Melbourne, Australia time zone, causing a ton of confusing client booking times and notifications. Second, their Squarespace website was using a template and needed an easily editable, branded redesign that reflected the goals and vision of their business so they could grow, have clients self-book and stop worrying about the next stress their website would bring to them or their clients.

About my role

I was the deputy brand strategist and web designer. I was also brought in as a consultant to help with an Acuity time zone issue affecting online spa bookings.


Initially I met with Studio 915 during a consultation to really get to know the problems and stresses they and their client's were facing as a result of the website and booking system not working efficiently. I began the project by following an onboarding flow I created to establish transparency on expectations, my role, timelines and communication preferences, etc.

Improve Client Booking Experience

My next step involved studying the infrastructure of the Squarespace booking system, Acuity and Squarespace itself. This was my first go at working with the Squarespace platform. At first their booking system displayed a giant scrolling list that curated all services shared between Macy and Amy. This was not ideal and an eyesore on mobile, especially. I was able to create individual calendar booking pages for Macy and Amy, which made a big difference right away. Their service lists were still very long, especially on mobile, so I changed the layout to display the high level services which could then be tapped to reveal the full list of services in that category. Once that was finalized, I met up with Macy and Amy and spent a few hours after their spa was closed making the big time zone change. The system unfortunately couldn’t make a 1-1 switch with existing client bookings booked in their original timezones, so there was a lot of manual rebooking, social media messaging to cover to make clients aware, and testing to make sure everything switched over correctly. We ordered pizza, had beer and after a few hours -- we got it done.


The next phase of the project involved taking their existing Squarespace template and customizing the theme to better represent their brand and create clear calls to actions so clients can browse services and self-book. As a growing small business, Studio 915 was still establishing their brand colors, typography and made clear that they were flexible on the design so long as that it reflected the style of their spa and included neutral/inviting colors. I designed three variations of the homepage with this information.

High Fidelity Prototyping

Ultimately, Macy and Amy ended up mixing colors and type treatments from two different mood board designs. That's when I got to work in Adobe XD making a fast high fidelity mockup of their core pages and styles. Once the final flow and prototype was approved, I got into Squarespace to implement the colors, type and website layout in the Squarespace theme, optimized for desktop and mobileI made sure that their services page was easily editable since some services are seasonal or subject to change in type or price. I added clear call to action buttons on areas in the homepage and services page, as well as in the navigation bar.

Full case study
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End result +
lessons learned

  • Clients can now easily self-book and reschedule their appointments without help
  • Clients are no longer booking in the incorrect timezone, avoiding incorrect appointment times and reminders
  • Website easier to navigate
  • Co-owners got a huge increase of time back without having to worry about their website or booking system causing more problems

"Before hiring Kalee, the website was posing challenge after challenge. It seemed like every day a client was having an issue with the booking system. Now, I no longer have to respond to messages from clients about booking all hours through the night because the website is self-explanatory and entirely self-serve. Clients are able to book and reschedule their own appointments and I am left with time to focus on doing what I am good at." 

— Macy Shockley, Co-owner Studio 915

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how this process led to conversion

We had to do these three things in order for this to work the way we need it to. We had to do these three things in order for this to work the way we need it to.
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