about me

I'm Kalee Eversole! I'm a UX Designer with over 10 years experience specializing in web design, prototyping, market research and content strategy. I'm currently a Product Designer working for
JD Sports / Finishline.

I love designing for actual humans, building workable prototypes in Figma, and get giddy as heck about researching user data after a launch to help tweak conversion goals and improve the user experience.

I'm a bit of a wanna-be chef; I love eating and cooking dishes with wild ingredients, hanging out with my son, pets and traveling anytime possible.

Tools I use as of November 2023:Figma, Figjam, UserTesting.com, Webflow
Kalee Eversole sitting with her golden retriever Cooper

clients & team members with kind words

I've had the pleasure of working with clients, small businesses and strategic teams — many I call friends today.

Nick Spurlock

Utah Realtor

" If I were to set up a complete dream team Kalee would be on it. I have had the pleasure to work in the same company as Kalee as well as have her consult me on many of my business matters. Design and User Experience are her strong suits. She has built up so many amazing concepts to aid in business performance, as well as aesthetic. She is a complete workhorse in all adobe products. Kalee is the right person for so many jobs I highly recommend her to all of my clients and colleagues. She will bring execution, bright ideas, and energy to your team. I hope to be working with her again soon. Do not sleep on the idea of bringing her onto your team."

Madeline Javier

Photographer & digital creator

" I had the pleasure of working with Kalee on a collaboration at the beginning of 2020. Kalee was my point person who not only ironed out the finer details, but collectively brain stormed with me to create a mutually beneficial project that aided both of our businesses. In a time of economic uncertainty, Kalee helped me get an edge with my audience by creating an opportunity that could genuinely help them during the pandemic. And thus, it created trust between my audience and my brand."

Daniel Wallace

Back End Developer | Qumulex

" Kalee is a required ingredient for any project. I have worked with her on everything from large marketplaces to freelance websites. Her work ethic and ability to empathize with clients is unmatched. She approaches each task with a genuine desire to understand it fully. The UX/UI work she accomplished at Parachut helped turn an idea into a successful product. Can’t praise her enough or recommend her to everyone who asks"

Macy Shockley

CO-OWNER, STudio 915

" Before hiring Kalee, the website was posing challenge after challenge. It seemed like every day a client was having an issue with the booking system. Now, I no longer have to respond to messages from clients about booking all hours through the night because the website is self-explanatory and entirely self-serve. Clients are able to book and reschedule their own appointments and I am left with time to focus on doing what I am good at."

Phil Manning

Phil manning design works

" Kalee made it easy for me to understand Adobe XD and showed me a lot of neat shortcuts and features that will make my next prototype get approved quicker!"