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UX Design
Frontend Development
Front-end Developer

1 - UX/UI Designer: Matthew Dimmet

1 - Backend/Frontend developer: Dustin Newbold


Internal sales representatives, hospitals, physicians

The problem

Cook Medical was in need of a complete, multi-site website overhaul that worked across multiple devices and screen sizes, making important medical product information readily available. Physicians, sales reps and customers all needed a more robust experience for their individual goals.

About my role

My role was to help build out the frontend pieces of the new Cook Wordpress theme. I specifically helped transition the website from Liferay CMS to a Wordpress multisite, built components for the Wordpress theme UI and implemented CMS structure utilizing the Advanced Custom Fields plugin.


Initially my team and I spent time meeting with key stakeholders and leaders in the business to determine specific pain points in their divisions. This helped the design and development teams work together to develop an initial roadmap of requirements that would kick the overhaul off.

Landing Page Design


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End result +
lessons learned

The website helped customers, sales reps, and marketing teams have the most accessible, robust web experience on mobile or desktop.

The new website specifically helped:

  • Medical professionals access important safety information for patients on the fly, potentially saving or improving quality of a life quicker
  • Sales reps to get information needed fast and reliably so they can ensure providers have the right medical products when they needed them
  • Internal marketing team readily had access to product information to incorporate into a variety of digital and physical marketing collateral
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how this process led to conversion

We had to do these three things in order for this to work the way we need it to. We had to do these three things in order for this to work the way we need it to.
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Dashboard for Parachut Earn partners. Earn partners who submitted their camera gear for subscription rental onto the marketplace could submit gear to circulate, check earning potential, monitor earnings, make transfers to bank and request gear back at any point.

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