Ambassador Program

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UX Design
Community Management
Relationship Management
Content Strategist

1 - Backend Developer: Daniel Wallace
2 - Front-end Developers: Kodee McIntosh, Julius Williams
1 - Creative Director: Lee Guile
1 - Visual Design: Jared Perry
1 - Warehouse Manager : Nick Spurlock


Photographers, Content Creators, Ages 24-45, male/female

The problem

For context: Parachut built the first circular marketplace to access creative gear. By paying a monthly subscription, you could access a set amount of equipment and swap at any time. The inventory came from individual owners looking to monetize their idle gear. In an effort to raise brand awareness and increase monthly MRR, the company decided to create an in-house ambassador program where participants could earn a commission from new camera gear subscriptions.

About my role

With a small team, I played multiple roles in the creation of this project including spearheading the strategy of identifying the structure, benefits, rollout, and relationship management. I helped design with conversion research, UX flow, and copywriting. Lastly I promoted the program on Instagram, managed lead follow-ups and ran a giveaway.


Full case study
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End result +
lessons learned

  • The end result of the ambassador program helped create a MRR of 50k
  • Helped scale camera gear inventory to over $2M in value
  • Raised brand awareness
  • Created mutually beneficial cause for creatives struggling at the onset of the pandemic that was two fold: Parachut helped bring awareness to Madelines brand, and earn a branding session, and Madeline helped build awareness and earn a creative monthly subscription rental credits so they could have access to top of the line photography equipment

I had the pleasure of working with Kalee on a collaboration at the beginning of 2020. Kalee was my point person who not only ironed out the finer details, but collectively brain stormed with me to create a mutually beneficial project that aided both of our businesses. In a time of economic uncertainty, Kalee helped me get an edge with my audience by creating an opportunity that could genuinely help them during the pandemic. And thus, it created trust between my audience and my brand

— Madeline Javier

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how this process led to conversion

We had to do these three things in order for this to work the way we need it to. We had to do these three things in order for this to work the way we need it to.
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Earner Onboard Wireframes / Earner Portal

Dashboard for Parachut Earn partners. Earn partners who submitted their camera gear for subscription rental onto the marketplace could submit gear to circulate, check earning potential, monitor earnings, make transfers to bank and request gear back at any point.

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